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About Taming.io

 Taming.io: A Unique Multiplayer Adventure with Fun Pets and Dangerous Enemies
Taming.io is a multiplayer adventure game that offers a unique and exciting experience to players. In this game, you will enter a world full of fun pets and dangerous enemies. Your goal is to explore the dense forest, collect resources, and build a base to protect yourself from your enemies.

How to play 

Taming.io has engaging quick-paced gameplay. The first step for players is to explore the forest and acquire materials like wood and stone. They can then construct a foundation with these materials, which will offer protection from adversaries.

Players can level up and climb to the top of the scoreboard by collecting golden apples from chests strewn around the playing area. Getting there, though, requires a lot of skill because the game is filled with hazardous foes like bears and wolves. To defend oneself from these dangers, players must exercise caution and make good use of their weapons and pets.


The features that Taming.io offers players make the game entertaining and interesting. The gathering of animals is one of the most noticeable elements. The chance to collect and tame various pets, such as a rabbit, a fox, or a bear, is available to players. Through protection and resource gathering, these pets aid players in their travels.

Players can employ a variety of tools and weapons in the game to defend themselves against their foes. Simple axes and swords are among them, as are more sophisticated weaponry like bombs and crossbows. A crafting mechanism in the game also enables players to make their own tools and weapons.


Players who want to succeed in Taming.io should concentrate on gathering resources and establishing a solid foundation. Early in the game, it's also crucial to tame pets because they offer helpful defense and support. In addition, players need to exercise caution when exploring the jungle and try to stay away from hostile foes.

Players should also concentrate on collecting golden apples because they provide the game with a big boost. Finally, in order to live and advance through the game, players should use their tools and weapons carefully and strategically.

How to play

 WASD or ZQSD or arrow keys to move

 Left mouse button to attack

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