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A recreational game with a cartoon game aesthetic is called Save The Bear. In the game Save The Bear, you have to save the bear that is dangling by a rope while overcoming a variety of challenges. It's time to display your talents and accomplishments. 

Save the Bear is a game designed for mobile and PC devices that has straightforward gameplay that is still difficult to master as well as cartoon-style graphics and a variety of challenges to conquer. Save the Bear is a fun and cognitively stimulating game thanks to its approachable gameplay and intellectually challenging puzzles.

Players of all ages can enjoy the game thanks to its easy controls and cartoon-style graphics. It has many progressively harder levels, each with its obstacles and difficulties to conquer. Players must use their problem-solving and strategic thinking abilities to determine the best method to cut the ropes and avoid the traps to advance through the game.

How to play 

There are about 100 levels in this game that you must complete, and each one has a puzzle that is harder than the one before it. However, if you advance through the levels and never give up, we are confident you will be able to complete the entire game!

In a way similar to cut-the-rope games, the bear hangs from a rope in each level. To assist the bear to reach the exit door and complete the level, swipe through the rope to cut it.

Of course, that is not all; as you move forward, several traps and barriers pop up, and you must determine the best order to cut the ropes to avoid tripping over spikes, traps, or other hazards for fear of killing the bear.


 - Adorable, vibrant cartoon-style images.

 - Stages that are challenging and get harder.

 - Easy-to-use tools that are clear and simple.

 - There are numerous challenges and traps to escape.

 - A variety of items and power-ups to aid participants in winning the game.

 - When players get stuck on a stage, there is an intuitive hint system available.


 - Take your time and thoroughly consider your cuts.

 - Try out various cutting angles and orientations without hesitation.

 - Be aware of potential hazards and traps and adjust your route appropriately.

 - To help you finish levels, strategically use items and power-ups.

 - Never be afraid to use the hint system to get a useful suggestion if you find yourself stuck on a level.

How to play

Using Mouse

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