Duck Life 6: Space

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About Duck Life 6: Space

Duck Life 6 is the latest addition to the popular Duck Life series, where players must train their ducklings to become the ultimate champion in various competitions. In this game, players must retrieve their stolen champion crown from the hands of the aliens. The game offers a unique blend of simulation and arcade-style mini-games that provide hours of fun for players of all ages.

How to play 

Gameplay in Duck Life 6 combines simulation and arcade elements. In order to maximize their duckling's success in contests, players must control their duckling's energy and hunger levels as well as train them in a variety of abilities. Quick reflexes and intelligent thinking are necessary to prevail in the mini-games, which range from navigating obstacle courses to floating through space.


In order to compete in the space tournament and destroy the invaders, players in Duck Life 6 must personalize and train their ducklings in a variety of talents, including running, swimming, flying, climbing, and jumping. Players will be entertained by the game's numerous difficult mini-games and brand-new planets to explore. As they advance, players accumulate cash to acquire new teammates, transforming their squad into an unstoppable army of athletic ducks.


In order to succeed in Duck Life 6, players must balance their skill-building efforts while competing in as many events as they can to collect coins and open up new worlds. In order to keep their ducks healthy, it is also crucial to monitor their activity and hunger levels and to feed them frequently. Finally, players should try to amass as many coins as they can in order to purchase more teammates and build the perfect athletic duck team.

How to play

Using Mouse or Arrow keys

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