Buckshot Roulette - Horror Game

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About Buckshot Roulette - Horror Game

Introducing Buckshot Roulette:

Buckshot Roulette is a horror shooting game created by Mike Klubnika, it gives you a scary yet thrilling experience that is completely different from regular games. Buckshot Roulette are gambles with a thrilling element of survival, either you win, or you will be in complete despair.

Key Features about Buckshot Roulette:

Dive into an immersive tabletop experience with a minimalistic UI.
Enjoy a 15 to 20-minute playthrough, keeping things concise yet engaging.
Face off against a fair AI that responds to what's happening on the table.
Navigate unscripted rounds for outcomes that are both unpredictable and unpredictable.

Tips for Success Buckshot Roulette:

While luck is a factor, strategic thinking can make all the difference. Take time to observe your opponent, analyze patterns, and throw in a bluff or two. Buckshot Roulette is more than just survival; it's about using your wits to outsmart your opponent.

How to play Buckshot Roulette?


Entering the world of Buckshot Roulette is like gearing up for a lively game night with your pals. Designate someone trustworthy as the dealer armed with a shotgun and shells, while the others eagerly become gamblers, anticipating their turn at the roulette table.

To get started, head to the store with your initial cash of 666 and grab a shotgun and the necessary shells. The shotgun costs 666, and the ammo is thrown in for good measure. Just ensure you have a crew of at least three players ready to join the fun.


If you prefer the online route, visit https://buckshotroulette.com/ to play Buckshot Roulette virtually. The controls are simple, mirroring the steps of loading and firing a shotgun. Rack the slide, spin the cylinder, aim, and pull the trigger while navigating the mind games. It's all in good fun!

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