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About Pou Online

Welcome to Pou, one of the most well-known online characters with a potato-based design! In the entertaining virtual pet game Pou Online, you'll have to take care of this adorable little creature.

Do you have any experience caring for pets? Watch it develop as you level up by feeding, cleaning, and playing with it. Have you given Pou any other looks? This latest update to the web and mobile Pou game makes all of this feasible.

Take care of, interact with, and feed your Pou

 - If Pou gets bored and gathers hundreds of coins, try playing some of the other activities in the mini-game room.
- Try out some potions in the kitchen.
- Try on different clothes, headwear, and eyewear to personalize Pou's appearance.
- Make each room's decor unique.
- Acquire special items and accomplishments.

Who created Pou?

The concept for the video game first appeared in 2011 as a very basic virtual pet grooming app with a potato shape that allowed players to customize with accouterments after winning money in mini-games. On August 5, 2012, the project's creator, Paul Salameh (Zakeh Limited), joined it, adding audio that he had personally captured and enhancing compatibility with the game.

How to play

Using Mouse

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