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About Sploop.io

 Are you looking for a game that combines the thrill of village building, crafting, and PVP combat? Then Sploop.io is the game for you! Developed by Yso Corp., this game allows players to build their village, collect resources, craft powerful weapons and gears, and engage in fierce battles with enemies.

How to play 

The gameplay in Sploop.io is frantic and difficult, necessitating rapid thinking and quick reflexes from players in order to succeed. Players construct their villages at the beginning of the game while gathering resources. To automatically gather resources and defend their hamlet from attackers, they must construct windmills.

Players have the option of engaging in PVP battles with other players or joining forces with their friends to annihilate their foes. War masks, invisibility cloaks, and bush disguises are just a few of the weapons and equipment available in the game that can be employed to win battles.

Boss fights are another way for players to gain riches that they may use to buy skins and accessories. To outperform other players, they can move up the leaderboard and acquire badges.


 - Building and crafting: In order to advance in the game, players must gather materials like wood, stone, and gold in order to build their village and create strong gear and weapons. To maximize harvest and defense, the game provides a choice of buildings and improvements.

 - PVP Combat: Although Sploop.io's PVP combat is simple to learn, mastering it will take a lot of skill. In the game, players can work together with their buddies to destroy their foes and the animals. The game provides a wide range of viable warfare techniques, including the use of traps, turrets, spikes, and harvest optimization.

 - Boss Battles: To kill dragons, mammoths, octopuses, and other monsters and gain treasures that may be used to buy skins and accessories, players can also engage in boss battles.

 - Ranking: To get an advantage over other players, players can move up the leaderboard and acquire badges.


 1. Build your community with careful building placement to maximize your harvest and defense.

 2. Join a team or form your own in Sploop.io to increase your strength by collaborating with your friends.

 3. Use a variety of tactics: To find the tactic that works best for you, experiment with different arrangements of traps, turrets, spikes, and structures.

 4. Purchase strong gear: With the gold you earn throughout the game, you can buy strong gear that will alter how you play the game.


How to play

 Movement: WASD/ZQSD/arrow keys


 Auto-attack: E

 Food (used to heal): Q

 Spike: R

 Lock Rotation: X

 Grid placement (when you want to place your building): H

 Chatting: Enter

 Change item: click on the inventory

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