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About My Virtual Pet Shop

Greetings from your new pet store! Create your own pet shop and take care of adorable animals when guests arrive. To increase enjoyment and expand your business, play with, take care of, feed, bathe, groom, and dress up little cats and dogs! Play My Virtual Pet Store today for incredible pleasure!


Your days in the pet store will be made even more enjoyable by engaging minigames!
 - Bathe the Pet - To clean up the grubby pets, get a sponge and some shampoo
 - Get dressed!
-  Tap the Fleas - Remove all of these teeny, disgusting bugs from the dogs by donning adorable accessories


 - Four distinct tasks: pet grooming, pet medical care, pet bathing, and pet dressing

 - Easy gameplay for pet lovers of all ages

 - Enhance your store with upgradeable items to expand your business.

 - Adorable puppies and kittens of all breeds

 - Frantic entertainment with difficult minigames

 - Lovely animations and illustrations

How to play

To move through the levels and collect coins before the end of the day, take good care of the pets. To improve your store and give it the aesthetic of your dreams, unlock new things, spend coins, and customize all the items!

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