Little Princess Kitten Rescue

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You can play the game Little Princess Kitten Rescue and assist little Anna in purchasing a kitten. The infant wanted to go for a walk today because it was a gorgeous sunny day. She unexpectedly came upon a tiny, filthy kitten in the street that was even covered in leaves in the bushes! The tiny princess decided to take the kitten home and repair it because she felt so bad for it.

Thus, you must first give the kittens a bath in the bathroom. You can take care of a kitten in the game by using a specific control panel that is located at the bottom of the screen. Wash the kitten to remove any soiled foam, then pat dry with a towel. Next, pick out attire for Anna and the kitten so that they both look good. Then go on a walk with them and wish them luck! Enjoy your time!

How to play

Using Mouse

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