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Mischievous Kitty is bored! Can you get the wool ball for the cat to play with it? Use your sharp brain to help it.

An adorable cat that wants to play is the star of the fun and addictive HTML Construct Physic game, Playful Kitty. To pass each level in this game you have to give the wool ball to the kitten. To bring the ball to the kitten and destroy fragile objects, click on them. You will also get bonus points for each stage if you collect coins. We will cover how to play the game, its features, and helpful hints in this guide.

How to play 

Playing Playful Kitty is simple and uncomplicated. Getting the wool ball to the kitty in each stage is the game's objective. You can accomplish this by clicking on breakable items to make them disappear and moving the wool ball closer to the cat. For each level, you can also win extra points by collecting coins. To move on to the next level, you need to make movable objects fall and reach the kitty.


 - Clicking on breakable things will assist you in delivering the wool ball to the kitty. The ball will be able to reach the kitty if these things are destroyed.

 - Coins: Gathering coins will increase your level-specific point totals. These points can be used to raise your rating and open up additional levels.

 - Making movable objects fall will let you advance to the following level. To accomplish this, you must select the appropriate clicks to cause the items to fall in the proper direction.


 1. Plan Your Moves: Give it some thought as to how you're going to get the wool ball to the kitty. You can use this to determine the ideal clicks to make in order to pass each level.

 2. Gather Coins: Gathering coins will help you raise your rating and open up new levels. For each level, attempt to collect as many coins as you can.

 3. Use Breakable Objects Carefully: To assist you get the wool ball to the kitten, use breakable objects carefully and strategically. Don't squander them on things that can be left alone.

 4. Make Movable Objects Fall: In order to advance to the next level, you must make movable objects fall. Consider how you can influence them to fall in the appropriate way.

How to play

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