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About Pet Idle

Pet Idle is an entertaining pet simulator game with wonderful 2D visuals and lots of upgrades. You can purchase additional room accessories for your animals and care for a variety of virtual creatures in this game. To purchase new improvements in the game store, collect animal coins. Learn about a game where you can look after different virtual pets! Construct your home to be a comfortable place for plenty of pets!


- Pets require a system (hunger, thirst, sleep, hygiene, walking, and fun).
- 19 different pet categories, including many different varieties of dogs and cats.
- The personalities of each Pet vary, which has an impact on gameplay.
- Edit the color of each Pet. 
- Construct and enlarge the home to accommodate more animals.
- Maintain your garden by watering various plants and gathering fruit.
- Gather various unique insects and capture various kinds of fish.
- Many have furniture, including beds, tubs, bowls, and toys.
- Make your home's interior lovely and distinctive by decorating it.
- Teach incredible motor skills, including how to roll, jump, and sit.
- Employ robotics and drones to assist with pet care.


How to play

In the simulator Pet Idle, you can look after a variety of fictitious animals! Your pet will require care for a variety of needs, including food, water, rest, bathing, walks, and entertainment.
Give your pets, whether they are dogs or cats, all of your love and care. While your pet lives a happy life, he will learn several tricks, like sitting, rolling, jumping, and much more. More money is made the happier your pet is!
Construct, enlarge, and furnish your house to accommodate an increasing number of pets! Their various personalities will effect how they interact with one another while living together. Come and demonstrate your excellent pet-care skills while improving the environment for your animals!


- Mouse: Use the left button to click and move the camera (righ button).
 - W, A, S, D, or Arrow on a keyboard P for selecting all pets and Esc for going back or closing the camera.

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