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About Penguin Ice Breaker

Penguin Ice Breaker is an exciting puzzle game that challenges players to break through icebergs to complete each level. With a limited number of jumps available to break the icebergs, players must strategize and plan their moves carefully. The game is not only fun but also a great way to exercise the mind and improve problem-solving skills.

How to play 

The player must first choose a level to start Penguin Ice Breaker. Each level has its own set of icebergs that the player must navigate through in order to move further. The icebergs will then start to fracture and eventually break apart as the player jumps onto them. The player must be selective with their jumps because there is a cap on how often they can jump. If the player hasn't shattered all of the icebergs by the time they've used all of their leaps, they will have to retry the level.


 - The difficulty of each level in Penguin Ice Breaker rises as the player advances.

 - Additional challenges in the game include a variety of hazards including snowballs and seals.

 - The game also has a scoring system that evaluates how well the player performed depending on how quickly they complete each level and how many jumps they employ.


A few pointers should be kept in mind by players in order to properly navigate Penguin Ice Breaker.

 1. They should first take their time and carefully organize their movements because every jump matters.

 2. The number on each iceberg, which represents how many jumps are necessary to break it, should also be noted by players.

 3. Players should be aware of potential roadblocks like snowballs and seals that can obstruct their movement.

How to play

Using Mouse

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