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About My Little Pet Salon

The doors to Little Panda's Pet Salon are open. The small panda needs your assistance because of all the clients! You can work at so many enjoyable occupations! You may take control of your own pet salon in Little Panda's Pet Salon, where you can dress up animals and style their hair and nails. Come, my dears, open your own pet salon!


 - Adorable animals are waiting for you in the changing room.

 - Choose different outfits and footwear for your adorable animals.

 - Stunning scenes with high-quality cartoon-style pictures that look fantastic on both the tablets' and smartphones' retina displays.

 - Little fingers can easily master the simple click interface.


How to play

The player in this game works in the pet salon. The player's main goal is to beautify the animals who serve as all of their clients.
Animals arrive at the salon filthy and disorganized. These are pups and kittens that require a stylist's assistance. There are various stages the gamer must go through. Make sure to remove completely all of the dirt, twigs, leaves, and other branches that the puppy ingested while playing outside. Give him the right attention so that his coat will be silky and shiny.

They shampoo them first, then dry their coats. They must then be trimmed and combed. The selection of attire, handbags, and accessories comes next. The player can move on to the following beast after finishing the previous one

Controls: Using Mouse

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