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Have you ever considered raising fish as pets and creating a fantastic adventure aquarium for these tiny aquatic animals? It sounds like a lot of fun. Take care of your small aquatic animals, construct and maintain an aquarium like a fish doctor with the help of these fish games and water tank cleaning games, and you can be the happy owner of your very own fish tank. To begin the adventure aquarium, all you have to do is download this water tan cleaning & pet fish game.


 - Idle Tycoon is a casual game that simulates managing an aquarium. Also, playing it is quite simple!

 - Superb graphics

 - Upgrade your aquariums to build a bigger aquarium empire!

 - Utilize boosters to increase your income!

 - Three fun game modes: Fish care, Aquarium décor, and Aquarium cleaning

 - You can alter the aquarium's background color by selecting from a variety of options, like mysterious shipwrecks, peaceful blue oceans, or unusual blue and pink oceans!

 - There are lots of different fish to find! Can you explain everything?


How to play

In this fantastic game, you may design your own fish tank with gorgeous decorations.
Cleaning an aquarium involves emptying it, wiping it down with a sponge, filling it with water, and transferring all the fish back to their clean tanks.
Aquarium decoration: To make your tank better, add more varieties of fish!
Take care of your own pet fish by practicing genuine fish medicine! Hatch eggs and feed your fish to produce an ecology that is really happy.
Upgrade your aquarium with your earnings! In this captivating clicker game, you will traverse the globe constructing your aquarium empire! The silliest idle game imaginable!

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