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My Dog is a pet simulation game for dog lovers that lets you take care of a puppy you've never had. My Dog offers beautiful visuals with adorable pets and the experience of being a real animal handler. If you love animals, especially dogs, you shouldn't pass up playing this game.

Join the My Dog game, where you may raise more than 60 different dog breeds as virtual pets. You'll rear them, educate them on how to live, take care of, and interact with your dog. By visiting your friends' homes, you can play with them and challenge their pets to divide high and low skill. This is made possible by the equipped powers. You may outfit your pet with a variety of eye-catching skins, outfits, and accessories thanks to My Dog. To make a dog's life as exciting as possible, everything from clothing, caps, bows, and eyeglasses to eating and sleeping quarters is made in a variety of ways.

A virtual pet game called Game My Dog is currently gaining popularity due to its "smooth" 3D graphics, which allow users to observe the dogs grow cuter and cuter over time.

The game inspires love for the nearby animals. With this device, you can take care of mischievous but adorable dogs even if you don't have the right conditions to nurture one.

If you love pets, you should try the game My Dog.


 - More than 64 dog breeds
 - Play with your friends by visiting their homes.
 - Play fun games to keep your puppy happy
 - Take AR photos with your dog

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