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About Mole Heist

Welcome to Mole Heist, the underground adventure game where you play as a mole digging through tunnels and collecting treasures. This exciting game will keep you engaged and challenged as you navigate through the tunnels to find the treasures hidden within.

How to play 

Although straightforward, Mole Heist's gameplay is compelling. A mole that is searching underground for wealth is being controlled by the player. To double the player's rewards, the objective is to gather enough treasure to completely fill the green bar at the top of the screen. The mole will come across barriers and rocks along the road that must be knocked down in order for it to go forward.


 - On desktop and mobile devices, the single-player game Mole Heist is accessible.

 - It includes a wide range of features, including several levels, challenges, and riches to find.

 - You can unlock new stages and gather more priceless items as you advance through the game.


 1. Be judicious: To increase your chances of finding riches, carefully plan your digging route. On the map, look for the green areas because they are most likely to have hidden treasures.

 2. Obstacles to be aware of include walls and rocks that may block your way. To move forward, you must get rid of these barriers.

 3. Upgrade your tools: Use the treasure you find to get better digging tools. Finding treasure and removing barriers will be made simpler as a result.

 4. Make sure to look around every corner of the level since there might be hidden treasure there waiting to be discovered.


 5. Remember to furnish your home: Spend your treasure on furnishings and home décor. This will not only improve the appearance of your house but also make you feel accomplished.

How to play

Using Mouse

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