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Your new virtual pet dog, Duddu, is here! Duddu is a sweet and charming dog who lives in a fascinating and exciting world. Join Duddu in his daily activities and establish a genuine bond with your brand-new virtual pet. This guide will teach you how to interact with Duddu and form a close bond with your brand-new digital pet.

How to play 

Playing with Duddu is simple and enjoyable. You can begin by giving him his preferred foods, engaging in play with him, taking him for walks, or simply making his home look nice. Additionally, you can alter the way Duddu looks by selecting from a number of accessories including collars, hats, and eyewear.

Duddu enjoys playing games like tug of war and fetch, and by completing missions and playing games, you can win coins and goodies. Don't forget to show Duddu a lot of love and affection; doing so will strengthen your friendship and make him content and wholesome.


 - Feeding: A variety of foods, including meat, fruit, and vegetables, can be used to feed Duddu. Make sure to feed and hydrate him with enough food and liquids to keep him satisfied.

 - Health: Duddu can get sick or hurt, so take him to the vet if he's feeling under the weather. He can also receive medical attention and first assistance to hasten his recovery.

 - Activities: Duddu enjoys playing games, taking walks, and discovering new places. He can play with other dogs in the park if you take him there.

 - Home decor: You can utilize different objects, such as furniture, wallpaper, and flooring, to decorate Duddu's home. To offer him an extra area to play and relax, you could also build more rooms in his house.


 1. Visit Duddu every day: Be sure to pay Duddu a visit each day to attend to his needs and show him that you care.

 2. Playing games with Duddu is a great way to strengthen your relationship with him and gain prizes.

 3. Walk Duddu: Walking Duddu is a terrific method to keep him active and expose him to new things.

 4. Personalize His Appearance: A fun approach to make Duddu stand out is to customize his appearance by adding various accessories.



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