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The best game of all time lets you play with six adorable kittens! Follow your cats as they play, eat, and more! These kitties adore dressing up as well! After each kitty has been dressed, take amusing pictures. When playing with a kitty, everyone is a winner!


 - Six adorable kittens to play with
 - Consider your cat's wants.
 - Play while giving them delectable snacks.
 - Wide range of adorable clothing options

How to play

Knowing the thoughts of the animal
Every kitten has a distinct personality, and the large thinking bubbles on their heads make it easy to understand what they desire.

Ensure their enjoyment!
You can allow your cat to play with toys and enjoy watching them! You can give the kittens a tasty biscuit when you feel they merit it.

Dress up the cat you own
It's time to enter the locker room once you've learned all the great things you and your cat can accomplish! Here, you may dress them up in various cute clothing and take pictures.

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