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You may play the free Wild Animal Doctor Adventure game at OB Games. It belongs to the Surgical Games genre. Let's assist our wild creatures in recovering and healing from their chronic wounds, including the Lion, Zebra, Bear, Crocodile, Elephant, and Hippo. They suffered a serious harm to their body, necessitating urgent medical attention. Aid them in getting all of their wounds healed. Have fun playing the doctor.

You can let your love for medicine run wild by visiting Wild Animal Doctor Adventure. You'll embark on a jungle trip where you'll care for various wild animals.

Numerous species, including elephants, crocodiles, and zebras, need medical attention. You have a lengthy list of interesting chores ahead of you, so please move quickly. You'll first encounter an elephant patient who is having trouble breathing. You must examine his trunk and handle him properly. You can find everything you need in the right toolbar. With the mouse, take the syringe from there. Any liquid that has amassed in the nostrils may be removed using it. After that, you'll see insects in your nails, which you should get rid of right away. To deal with this, you'll need specialized tongs. To remove rashes, drops must also be applied to the elephant's trunk. The only thing left to do is trim any unwanted facial hair that can obstruct natural breathing. Use the razor, which is on the right side, to accomplish this. The elephant is in excellent health, so you can continue on your journey to the next location where you will observe another wild animal with health issues.

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