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A fresh take on the traditional Mahjong game is Resize Mahjong. Players in this game search for and pair tiles with identical animal images. Resize Mahjong, in contrast to standard Mahjong, includes tiles of various sizes and shapes, upping the game's difficulty.

How to play 

Finding and matching tiles with the same animal images is the aim of Resize Mahjong. Resize Mahjong's tiles, in contrast to traditional Mahjong, come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Players must choose tiles with identical animals on them, regardless of their size or shape, in order to make a match. As long as each tile depicts the same animal, players can combine tiles of all sizes and forms.
Players must finish the level within the allotted time because the game has a time limit. There are various levels in Resize Mahjong, and as you go, the levels get harder.


 - Players are mostly entertained and intellectually stimulated by Resize Mahjong.

 - Making matches between tiles of various shapes and sizes in this game requires players to think creatively and solve puzzles.

 - The game enhances cognitive abilities including focus, memory, and hand-eye coordination.

 - Players of all ages can have fun playing Resize Mahjong.


 1. Seek out pairings of various sizes and shapes since, unlike traditional Mahjong, you can mix and match tiles. So, search for matches over the entire game board.

 2. Look for tiles on the edge and work your way inside to begin the puzzle-solving process by concentrating on the edges.

 3. Use the "hint" option to reveal a potential match if you are having trouble finding a match.

 4. Keep an eye on the clock: Keep in mind that the game has a time limit, so try to finish the level as soon as you can.

 5. Like any game, perfecting a skill requires repetition; the more you play, the better you get. Therefore, practice frequently to enhance your gaming.

How to play

Using Mouse

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