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About Petzoong

Petzoong is an adorable animal-themed matching mahjong game that may be played in an arcade setting. The game is simple to learn and a great way to pass the time.

How to play 

The game Petzoong is simple to play. When you first launch the game, a board with various mahjong tiles will be displayed to you. It's your job to choose the pairs that match. The tiles will be removed from the board and you will score points if they match. You must eliminate all of the mahjong pairings before the timer expires because the game is timed. By finishing the level fast or by matching several pairings in a succession, you can also gain bonus points. There are several levels in the game, and as you go, the levels get harder.


 - Petzoong's main purpose is to relieve players' stress and delight them.

 - The game is entertaining and enjoyable to play because of the cute animals and background graphics.

 - The game enhances cognitive abilities including problem-solving, focus, and hand-eye coordination.

 - Everyone of any age can play the game Petzoong, which is a great way to kill time.


 1. Start at the edges and work your way inside to find the tiles. This is an excellent technique to begin resolving the problem.

 2. Look for patterns: Some tiles may have a pattern that is similar to others, making it simpler to match them.

 3. Try to concentrate on one section of the game board at a time rather than jumping around.

 4. Utilize bonus tiles: If you match any tiles with the bonus symbol, you will receive bonus points or an extension of time.

 5. Keep an eye on the timer: Keep in mind that the game has a time limit, so try to finish the level as soon as you can.

How to play

Using Mouse

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