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Online gaming Pets Beauty Salon, animals may acquire stylish looks. Just have a look at all the clothing and accessories. Continue to expand your imagination by coming up with amazing combinations. There are several possibilities available. Which models are you getting? Now go play Pets Beauty Salon!


The adventure has the unique feature that your effort is preserved. The main menu now includes individual cards for each of the clothed animals. Click on them to make adjustments and put fresh concepts into practice. Enjoy Pets Beauty Salon without worrying about viruses. It runs on browser technology, thus there are no download processes involved.

How to play

Consider it your own laboratory where you have the ability to create new species. You may choose, for instance, what color fur they have. There are conventional choices like orange or brown. If you want to try something new, choose a striking shade of yellow or purple. Once you've chosen your eyes, it's time to start dressing. Consider the following categories:

 - Hats, caps, crowns, panamas

 - Skirts, jackets, T-shirts

 - Boots, socks

 - Collars, scarves

 - Sunglasses

Create the best perspectives by combining various elements!

Controls: Using Mouse

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