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About Idle Pet Business

Ever pondered what it might be like to be a rich pet store tycoon? You can now! Grow your pet store in Idle Pet Business from a little plot to a multi-billion dollar pet conglomerate empire. To earn money, look after animals. A variety of pets can be unlocked to earn additional money. To increase yield, upgrade your pets. becoming inactive? You benefit from the pet industry, so don't worry! When you are away, make some idle money so you can check your earnings when you get back.


- Gorgeous graphics with a pet store concept. Take care of animals including parrots, goldfish, hamsters, tortoises, dogs, and cats.
- Use social media to increase sales at your pet store.
- Increase your reputation and pet store sales by securing investors to buy your business.
- Gameplay that is responsive to the shapes and sizes of all devices

How to play

In order to build a pet empire in this game, players must start from scratch with a pet store. You only have one pet at first. You must take care of the pet in order to collect coins. You can unlock new pets and upgrade your current pets with the coins you've earned. The objective of the game is to expand your empire, get more cash, and unlock as many pets as you can. 

Controls: Using Mouse

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