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About Hamster Maze Online

In Hamster Maze Online, keep a charming little hamster company! You are present to see the small hamsters' excursion in their world. Seeing small hamsters run up and down while playing this game will make your day!


– Good gameplay for the genre!
- Gorgeous and vibrant visuals!
- User-friendly interface!
- Simple controls

How to play

These adorable tiny hamsters are coming to brighten your day with all of their fluff. You will encounter platforms filled with various obstacles and fruit rewards at each level in this game.
You may control the fluffy companion by sliding the little ball in the translucent circle according to the direction you want to take it. The small hamster will be traveling on the platform in this manner. You will always be able to see it move its fluffy body even though it occasionally needs to scale a barrier or cross a moving platform.
You can also gather fruits while getting a cuteness overload. These can be used to open up new hamsters for you! Enjoy playing this adorable and realistic game with incredible 3D visuals!

Controls: Using Mouse (Drag to move)

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