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Lica and Purry got into trouble! When Purry played inside the wall, Lica's home caught fire, and now she is drenched in water. How is that possible? Immediately save them and give them a facelift!

In "Funny Rescue Pet," players can choose from a variety of animals to care for and assist them in overcoming various health issues or wounds. These animals include a puppy, kitten, bunny, pony, or piglet.

Because of its simple and simple-to-understand game mechanics, even young toddlers can play. One of the many mini-games available to players is dressing up the creatures, feeding them, and tending to their wounds. Each mini-game presents a unique task that calls for the use of various abilities, such as hand-eye coordination or problem-solving.

Overall, "Funny Rescue Pet" is a cute and entertaining game that animal lovers of all ages can appreciate. The creatures are depicted in a cute and adorable manner in the colorful and cartoonish graphics, which may cause players to feel sympathetic toward them.

Overall, "Funny Rescue Pet" is unquestionably worthwhile to give a shot if you're looking for a lighthearted game that lets you engage with adorable animals.


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