You can now play the adorable and addictive multiplayer IO game for free. You play as a duck in this game, and your objective is to gather as many yellow ducklings as you can and return them to your nest. Because there are boats on the lake and other players who can try to take your ducklings, you will need to exercise caution.

How to play 

You must use your keyboard to control your duck in Find yellow ducklings with your duck and bring them back to your nest by moving them around the lake. Your score will increase as you gather more ducklings. Additionally, you can attempt to kidnap ducklings from other players and return them to your own nest.


 - The online multiplayer game is available to play without charge.

 - All ages of players can enjoy this simple, simple-to-learn game.

 - With people from all over the world, you can play together and compete for the highest score.

 - You can pass hours of leisure time playing this game because of its charming and vibrant graphics.


 1. Avoid the boats at all costs since they can easily kill your duck. Keep a safe distance and be sure to avoid them.

 2. Watch out for other players: They might try to take your ducklings, so be on the lookout for them and guard them.

 3. Collect as many ducklings as you can. Your score will increase as you collect more ducklings. Bring as many as you can back to your nest by attempting to gather them all.

 4. Be quick: The game has a time limit, so if you want to collect many ducklings and earn a high score, you must move quickly.

How to play

Using Mouse